Friday, June 30, 2006

Draftee Daffy - Clampett Daffy Duck Scene 3

Animated by Basil Davidovich, Rod Scribner, and Manny Gould.

Draftee Daffy - Clampett Daffy Duck Scene 1

This opening scene was animated by Manny Gould and Bob McKimson.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Time now for...."Sleepy-Time Tom"! I love it how first action you see is Tom and his friends singing (Butch, Lightning, etc.) It's entergetic, the song is jumpy, and jazz kind of feel. Besides this and another thing Ill point oust soon is the only good thing about this cartoon. I think the plot is very weak. Trying to make someone fall asleep for the whole cartoon is not my kind of cartoon. But like I said, there is one thing that makes this from an all bad cartoon. The animation. Tom is very "floppy" this cartoon....because he's very tired. As he tries to get in the window, his leg "flops" then he gives up, and it hangs. Then he is awaken by Mammy, which startles him and he jumps all around. Then he goes into a "march" mode with his butt sticking high. Notice also when he's trying to stay awake at the mousehole he uses toothpicks, they snap, and his eyeslids, and you guessed it....."flop". I can relate to Tom in this cartoon, and everybody can, because once Tom is thrown out, he grabs a brick and didn't really care he was thrown out. He just wanted to sleep. Then who shows up, to liven the cartoon, but missed the train, Tom's gang.

Hey....stay "tooned" for "Draftee Daffy" will ya?

Friday, April 21, 2006

When I was a kid, "What's Opera Doc?" was not one of my favorite cartoons. Which was the same case when it came out. I was purely looking for sight gags in my child years. Good thing that things change.
When you hear that "BUMM" at the beginning, you know it's a different cartoon. And with the music playing before the actual "play" seems to be like a real opera. Michael Maltese had the beautiful timing for every verse for every song. To keep the beat Bugs or Elmer had to do a motion to go along with the music (spearing or blinking). Notice Bugs and Elmer were going crazy when they were chasing, you never saw a chase like that between those two before. Then all of a sudden, the music stops and goes a little slower, with Bugs' dancing taunts leading Elmer all over the garden. Then it gets funnier with a different faster pace music again. Then when Elmer finds out the fake, notice the shadow on the wall that Bugs makes. I have seen the outline before, maybe Bugs' prototype from "Porky's Rabbit Hunt"? Also, one of the top things I gotta love about Loonney Tunes is loudness. Like, "SMOG!". Then we see Bugs made all this drama just to keep true opera spirit alive.
"Th-th-th-that's All Folks!"

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Even though "Falling Hare" is not a favorite of mine since Bugs is tormented so, his actions are great. Notice when he is moving, every part of his body moves. If he's about to run, his head will move in someway. As we go to Bugs reading his "Victory through Hare Power"we think he's still the winning person in this film, he's got the "cool mode" on (sitting on a bomb) and that's what we expect. Then we figure once we see The Gremlim maybe Bugs isn't the winner after all. Bugs is also loud in this cartoon which makes funny even if he's not winning. Now on to good animation scenes. Every time The Gremlin hits Bugs with that wrench, Bugs streches his leg, and makes himself a huge blob at the top. Also I like it how the when the characters hold on to something, they have a tight impact, or when Bugs is charging at the door he beats on the door on the other side he makes such a impact. Then as we go to when Bugs slips on the banana peels we see once again, that every part of Bugs' body moves. Unlike a similar cartoon, "Hare Lift" where Yosemite Sam gets the treatment, Sam just slips on the peel and right out the door. As The Gremlim pulls Bugs off the door, he smashes into the wall, and he makes a big blob on it, and he is smaller when he hits the floor and resembles a coin. Which is great animation there. Then from here on out, the cartoon gets faster paced. Notice Bugs' great reactions to the plane falling, But in the end, he's back to his normal self, and letting us in on the problem in which stopped the cartoon.